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The company started its operations in 2006. We deal mainly in the construction and repair works, starting from the smallest repair works / restorations and ending with larger-scale structures. We are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers needs. We also provide our services in finland.


  1. General construction / turnkey solutions
  2. Building advice
  3. Attachments / shelters / sheds, etc
  4. Houses and apartments in sanitary / overhaul
  5. Pitched / flat roof
  6. Rainwater Systems / metalwork
  7. Electrical works
  8. Pipe works
  9. Renovation / restoration
  10. Cleaning snow from roofs / icicles removal

Each object / individual approach to the order and we will make a separate bid. Price calculations valid for up to 30 days and subject to the conditions of the contract. We also provide services on an hourly wage basis.


Thank you. We will answer you as soon as possible.


Keila, Kruusa 15-32
Harjumaa 76607
Phone: +372 56 800 880